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  • Help us raise the roof

    and eliminate poverty housing in our community!
  • These walls are made with love

    Help us support the mission of Habitat for Humanity!
  • Have a good time helping a good cause

    Make new friends while learning new skills!
  • Together We're Changing Tomorrow

    one hammer swing at a time.

Join Us

HYP of Charlotte

hyps2editHabitat Young Professionals of Charlotte (HYPC) began in late 2007 and is a group of individuals seeking to combat poverty by helping build affordable housing for low-income families, while providing networking opportunities for future leaders. We are motivated to make a positive impact in the Charlotte area and have fun doing it! The HYPC Board empowers its members to make a difference by encouraging a spirit of service and honoring the core principles of Habitat for Humanity International. Membership provides opportunities to volunteer, donate, and speak out as Habitat Charlotte advocates.

HYPC members are an active voice, connecting Charlotte's community-in-need with young professionals willing to lend a helping hand. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, sharing their time, talent and resources to advance the mission of HYPC. We can help eliminate poverty housing by committing to measurable objectives and through our members spread the vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

As an HYPC member, you become part of an invaluable effort to help Habitat Charlotte eradicate substandard housing in the Charlotte area. Membership provides a fresh approach to networking and affords you the rare opportunity to serve, while enhancing your leadership skills and helping you develop stronger social networks. Join us and let's change the world together!



HYPC supports Habitat for Humanty of Charlotte:

Habitat Charlotte transforms lives by partnering with families and our communities to create and perserve affordable home ownership solutions.

Meet Our Board

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  • Katrine Herrick

    Katrine Herrick

    Chair 2016-2017
  • ben-agner-2016

    Benjamin Agner

    Vice-Chair 2016-2017
  • david-welter

    David Welter

    Past Chair 2016-2017
  • Kerry-Savage-new

    Kerry Savage

    Secretary 2016-2017
  • kyle-richards-2016-v2

    Kyle Richards

    Sponsorship Co-Chair 2016-2017
  • Allison-Broglie-circle-portrait

    Allison Broglie

    Sponsorship Co-Chair 2017-2018
  • art-goodson

    Henry 'Art' Goodson

    Volunteer Chair 2016-2017
  • Andy-Misiaveg

    Andy Misiaveg

    Membership Co-Chair 2016-2017
  • john-walawender-2017

    John Walawender

    Membership Co-Chair 2017-2018
  • joshthompson-2016

    Josh Thompson

    Events Co-Chair 2016-2017
  • Colleen-Nicol

    Colleen Nicol

    Events Co-Chair 2016-2017
  • zacch-estrada-petersen

    Zacch Estrada-Petersen

    Marketing Co-Chair 2016-2017
  • Taylor-Conway-new

    Taylor Conway

    Marketing Co-Chair 2016-2017